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Nintendo files patent for Joy-Con stylus strap

It’s always interesting to see what patents Nintendo file. Some get used in the consoles and accessories we’re enjoying today – some never see the light of day – but the latest was made public on 16th January which shows an intriguing variation of the Joy-Con wrist strap. According to the patent, when this special strap is attached, the HD rumble will react to certain objects on-screen and pressing the X button will result in a thicker line being drawn on the Switch’s screen. It’ll be interesting to see if Nintendo releases this and what it could be used for, but in the meantime, check out the image below for a closer look.

stylus strap

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  1. too bad the actual touch screen is trash. I bet these are being built cheaply and sold for highway robbery prices too.

      1. If these are made to be good as the 3ds and ds stylus there would be goldmine, but sadly them being paired with joycons will make them expensive probably they better at least sell for the same price if this becomes a finish product

  2. To this day, I still don’t use the Joy-Cons (aside from when I first bought the Switch). I avoid the games that force Joy-Con use. I just don’t like them. They’re too small, and the sticks click-in too easily. Which really caused problems in Breath Of The Wild during those days before I got the Pro Controller.

  3. Wait is this detachable? If not, then it doesn’t seem ergonomic at all.

    This should’ve been packaged with mario maker 2 tbh

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