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(Update: tweet was “posted in error”) EB Games Canada is saying that Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is “heading to Nintendo Switch”

Update: Yoshinori Ono of Capcom says that the tweet is false, and EB Games Canada has confirmed that it was “posted in error”.

Usually, when a retailer mentions an unannounced game or a game coming to an unconfirmed platform, it is with a listing on their website. However, EB Games Canada may have leaked a Switch version of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition by making a tweet about it. As of this article’s writing, Capcom has not confirmed a Switch version of the game, and EB Games Canada does not have a listing for the game on their website. Nevertheless, if there are any further developments, we’ll let you know. Their tweet is down below.

20 thoughts on “(Update: tweet was “posted in error”) EB Games Canada is saying that Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is “heading to Nintendo Switch””

  1. Now if only we can get Ultra Street Fighter 4 on the Switch, instead of a gimped version on the 3DS (Nintendo systems).

      1. And how is that asking for too much? Have you even played a handheld port, compared to its definitive console version?

        It’s like the minority being fed table scraps from the food that the preferred superiors get to wolf down, and ONLY when its convenient for THEM.

    1. Its the definition of “ok”
      It’s not unplayable, but doesn’t do anything to make itself exciting other than revamping old character like cody, seth, and gill. (which were all sold as DLC)
      If you wanna buy it and intend to do nothing but mess around with your friends (locally), you can have some fun, local is the best way to play it.
      Anyone whose played it can give you a run down on how overly monetized it is (like, wow. bordering star wars battlefront 2), personally my biggest grip (away from that) is the online being hilariously unplayable. You need to use capcom’s server’s rather than just a PSN/xbox live situation, and the server blinks out and loses connection more than any game I’ve ever played. So much so that it was a guarantee I couldn’t even browse the DLC shop menu in game without being disconnected from just trying to look at one item to the next one on the list. let alone the multiplayer, so many games both ranked and casual ended halfway through with a message saying the server was unavailable.

      you’d be better off getting something like tekken 7, but thats my two cents

      1. SFVs online battles have some netcode problems for sure, but I’ve been playing it since the original release and have disconnected MAYBE a total of 10 times

      2. Tekken 7 brings more to the table as a fighting game in general, IMO. SFV really plays as a game that was only made because “it feels about time we have to release another one.” It should be noted that getting started in Tekken takes significantly more work for a new player. Just committing all your own moves to muscle memory, much less knowing the other characters’ movesets takes dramatically more time because there’s just so many more of them.

    2. +Ultra Instinct Grandma Super Saiyan Green Evolution
      If you’ve yet to buy the game then I’d say Street Fighter V: Champion Edition would actually be worth it.
      The game includes all characters released so far as well as throwing in Seth which brings the roster to 40 characters and it includes over 200 costumes that previously you had to pay for with fight money or real money.
      As for the game itself; I personally love it but 1 common complaint I see is the online. If you have a super strong internet it does help a lot and to be fair; The game does give you the option to only search for players with a 5-bar connection.
      From my experience; The online has been mostly solid but that could just be because my Internet is pretty strong plus I do have a NetDuma which helps filter out weak connections and restricts the range to only include people in Europe.

    1. +PC Military Commander Sid
      How the fudge is this game’s monetization “disgusting”? Fight Money was pretty much only used for stages and costumes, all of which are cosmetic and have no effect on the gameplay.
      As for characters; The only agreement I have is season 1 should have been in with the base game but aside from that, the monetization doesn’t matter because it’s all cosmetic regardless of how fight money is obtained.
      Even the characters will be a moot point once Champion Edition releases because that version comes with all characters and over 200 costumes. Unless of course they’re planning more DLC beyond this version’s release and even then, you’d still be getting your money’s worth.

      1. Some people are old enough to remember when you didn’t have to pay for a game’s content *AFTER* buying it. You go and buy SFV at launch and in a fighting game you still had to pay extra money to unlock the characters and stagees and costumes and (if I remember correctly) stage music as well.

      2. +Cronotose
        Really now? So all those updated versions of Street Fighter 2, Street Fighter 3, and Street Fighter Alpha didn’t exist back then? People need to realize that before we had DLC, we had what was called “Updated titles” which you had to pay even more money for. And if a game series didn’t do this, they usually pumped out a new game every other year or sometimes even every year. These days that practise just doesn’t work as shown by franchises like Call of Duty and Pokemon.
        On top of that, video games cost a lot more money to make now mainly due to the shift in quality. Back in the old days, we only had sprites and low poly 3D models which were far easier to create. These days everything triple AAA has fully detailed 3D models complete with voice acting and expressions which costs a lot more to make. And that’s not even taking inflation into account.

      3. +Christopher James

        “Really now? So all those updated versions of Street Fighter 2, Street Fighter 3, and Street Fighter Alpha didn’t exist back then? ”

        You’re being dishonest about the timeline. No one complained about the concept of expansion DLC in general. The complaint was that the content of the base game was gated off at launch. Street Fighters 2, 3, and Alpha were all complete games at launch. Not one of them asked for more money the second you turned them on.

        “People need to realize that before we had DLC, we had what was called “Updated titles” which you had to pay even more money for. ”

        Being dishonest about the timeline again, because nobody is complaining about paying for improvements to the game made years after its release, but nevertheless this is still a bad comparison. Nobody in the 16 and 32 bit eras felt that they needed to go out and get every new version in order to get a complete experience as is the case with DLC today. The overwhelming majority of changes in the version updates were mechanical balance changes, which 99.9% of the player base didn’t even understand. These games were not bought as necessary upgrades in order to play Street Fighter at all. If you went to your friend’s house, you played the version he had and nobody much cared if it was out of date. Why? Because it was a 100% complete game already. A stage for every character, a theme song for every character, and a complete roster of characters. Not so for SFV, which at launch told you straight away that you did not have anywhere close to a full game as soon as you bought it.

        ” And if a game series didn’t do this, they usually pumped out a new game every other year or sometimes even every year.”

        The implication here is that companies were being sleezy and selling you the same content over and over again. It’s either a bald faced lie, or you’re really quite young and have no idea what things were actually like and are imagining it.

        Games came out at a much faster rate back then, sure, but that’s because games were far less resource intensive. Instead of having a staff of 300 to make a single game, you could make a single game with a staff of 5-25. Production was then, obviously, dramatically easier and faster. That doesn’t mean they were somehow cheating the customer with copy/pasted content. Final Fantasy came out with 3 mainline games on the NES, 3 mainline games on the SNES, 3 mainline games on the PS1, compared 1 mainline game on the PS4. This isn’t because modern dev companies are more respectful to the player and old companies were just overmonetizing the same work. Just look at Final Fantasy 4, 5, and 6. Not one of them is a lazy recreation of the last. All of them show dramatic technical improvements over the previous game. Nobody, anywhere, felt like they were being nickel and dimed. This is either dishonest, or delusional.

        On top of that, video games cost a lot more money to make now mainly due to the shift in quality…….
        And that’s not even taking inflation into account.”

        This is true and a fair point. It is an excellent reason for the overall price of the game to go up. Unfortunately for your argument, the complaint wasn’t that the total game experience was overpriced, its that the price of the total game experience was hidden, and placed in a dishonest bait and switch to entrap players who though they were buying a complete game already.

      4. +Cronotose
        I have to admit; You do make some good points there however I would like to point out that I wasn’t referring to games like Final Fantasy, I’ve played many Final Fantasy games and I know they all come with their own assets and were built from the ground up. The titles I am referring to are games that have the same base name but with some sort of name update, think games like “Super Street Fighter II”, “Street Fighter II Championship Edition”, or “Street Fighter III Third Strike”.
        These games would take the base content and simply expand on it. It would reuse sprites, reuse music, reuse stages, and so on. Yes there would be general tweaks and gameplay improvements but ultimately, their purpose was to bring an already established game and make it up to date.
        Did you need to do it? No, you are right there, the base games were already complete but you can’t deny the updated versions did reuse what the previous versions had made.
        I admit; Street Fighter V was a mess at launch and I still say to this day season 1 should have been bundled with the base game but I feel Street Fighter V, at least from my experience, is the only game I’ve played where you’d need to pay even more money to get the full experience. But for games like Soul Calibur VI, Tekken 7, Dragonball FighterZ, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Pokken Tournament DX, and so on, you do not need to pay more money to get the full experience as those games are filled to the brim with content in the base game. All the DLC does is add to an already rich game.

  2. The art style of the Street Fighter games is what caused me to lose interest in the series (aside from simply losing interest in fighting games in general). I hate the cartoony, over-exaggerated bodies of the fighters. Especially the women. Their legs look like male muscle builders. Yuck! Ever since Mortal Kombat hit the scene, it killed my interest in Street Fighter (and all similar games). And that’s mostly due to the digitized fighters, rather than the cartoony fighters of Street Fighter. Digitized fighters look SO much more cool than cartoony ones. Though even Mortal Kombat seems to look more cartoony these days than it used to.

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