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Líf: Lethal Swordsman joins Fire Emblem Heroes as a new Mythic Hero

Líf: Lethal Swordsman from the Fire Emblem Heroes Book III story will be available as a Mythic Hero starting today, January 29, at 11 p.m. PT. Players of the mobile game will also be able to summon previously released 5★ Special Heroes, Legendary Heroes and Mythic Heroes, so be on the lookout for those as well. You can check out the official trailer for the addition of Líf: Lethal Swordsman in the embedded video below.


  1. Heroes is already edgy enough with all of its weapons! We don’t need edgelords with heavy metal music as summons too. XD

  2. Is this an OC? I don’t recognize this character or the name.
    Why, in a game about collecting characters across a series known for its many many characters, do they keep adding OCs to the game?
    Like, is Gonzales in the game!? Didn’t think so, make Gonzales the new Mythic Hero.

    1. It’s actually pretty tame with the OCs, they add less than 10 each year.
      But I’m comparing it to Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, where 80% of the characters added are OCs.

    2. so they can keep it more interesting, adding new people makes it more exciting than just adding existing characters

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