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Platinum 4 – Platinum Games teaser site

Update: Platinum 4 is four projects, first one is The Wonderful 101 Remastered up now on Kickstarter

Platinum Games has opened a new teaser site this morning with an image displaying a spooky number four. As with any teaser site we shall have to wait until the reveal to find out what the project actually is. Hopefully all will be revealed by the team at Platinum Games very soon!



  1. Oh, I know, I know!
    Bayonetta 3 has been in development so long that they’re actually skipping it and going straight to Bayonetta 4. You know, just like how Microsoft skipped Windows 9. It all makes perfect sense!

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  2. I imagine it’s going to be one of their in house developments team names and they’ll be responsible for a specific game.

    Or it could be the start of a count down for bayo 3. In a few days they’ll add the days and hrs to the 4 months.

    It’s also a brown/red powder


  3. As long as it’s not another collaboration between Bayonetta and Nintendo. We have enough collaborations between Nintendo and Sega already. Would it kill Nintendo/Capcom to make a crossover between Mario and Mega Man WITHOUT Sega?


  4. If you click the tweet button it pre-populates: “PlatinumGames is taking on four new challenges”. Back on the website it has text under one of the stars that reads: TW101RKS. Definitely sounds like one of these challenges it has to do with The Wonderful 101 rumors

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