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Amazon lists Saints Row IV for Nintendo Switch for $39.99 (Now confirmed)

Update: Now confirmed by THQ Nordic and Deep Silver:

Amazon has put up a product listing for the currently announced Nintendo Switch version of Saints Row IV. The game is listed at a reasonable $39.99 and has a product release date of 27th March 2020, which is just next month. Here’s what to expect from the Nintendo Switch version via the game’s product listing on the popular online retailer:

  • The American dream – play as the president of the United States in a Wild story that spans countries, time, and space. It’s up to you to free the world, now for the first time on Nintendo Switch.
  • Super hero-in-chief – leap over buildings. Kill people with your mind. Run through tanks. Those are just some of the powers on offer that you can Wield in your quest.
  • Alien toys of destruction – Wield an impressive array of alien vehicles and weapons. The inflato-ray, the polarizer, the disintegrator, and many more are all are yours to utilize.
  • Dynamic DUO – seamless drop-in, drop-out co-op, a Saints row standard, improved. The only thing better than One malicious super-powered president is two!
  • Saints row IV re-selected contains an impressive 25 DLC packs, including the Dubstep gun (remix) Pack, The presidential Pack, The commander-in-chief Pack, and two episodic story expansions: enter the dominatrix and how the Saints save christmas.


8 thoughts on “Amazon lists Saints Row IV for Nintendo Switch for $39.99 (Now confirmed)”

        1. I wish I could play it for longer than 10 minutes without crashing.
          Also game breaking bugs where the game freezes to any given menu are pain in a rear.
          Most often seems to happen in vehicle customization menu.

          1. Yeah i get that too on my Nintendo Switch version of the third game, when i was trying to change my avater some outfits, the game freezes and i press some random buttons and nothing happen. it still freeze on me when i change my avater outfits and vehicles customization while the music is still playing.

            Yeah. i know its gonna happen again on this version as well. the company who makes the game didn’t update the problem still. Also, if deep silver planning to make get out of hell switch version, then i’m not going for it. once you get inside the cars, the music will be muted. its no fun without music while your driving.

        2. Saints the Third on the Switch was a miserable port, but the developer actually took the time to fix it. And it took them like 5 different versions of the game, post-release. It’s still fun, if you ignore the fact it gets very blurry when there’s a lot of stuff going on at the same time (tanks, cars and helis going boom during a gang battle with the police involved and it’s raining).
          But I agree with N64EVER, the raw version of the game is where the fun is at! Too bad the developer hasn’t even mentioned it, but hey at least their game on Switch got a sequel..

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