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Animal Crossing New Horizons is around 6.2GB and features amiibo support

The big title for the Nintendo Switch for the first quarter of the year is the highly anticipated next entry in the Animal Crossing series, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. A number of you will undoubtedly be purchasing the title digitally from the Nintendo Switch eShop so you’ll be interested to know that the file-size is around 6.2GB. The game will also feature amiibo support so expect more details on that to be divulged by Nintendo at a later date.



    1. It’s animal crossing might wanna take account of all the current npcs, and special npcs + new npcs + special npcs + new outfits + old outfits + old furniture + new furniture and many more there’s like alot of stuff in these games, not to mention always alot to do, amiibo is most likely gonna be the same as it was in new leaf considering wisp and harvey are back are here

    2. Witcher 3 is like nearly 30gb and ALL on a cartridge if you opt for the physical version.
      I can honestly say I have never been so awed by a sheer amount of content in a video game. ( well apart from Mario maker which is an endless supply of platforming genius ).

  1. I REALLY hope they make use of the Amiibo cards similar to how New Leaf did in Welcome Amiibo. It’d be nice to just scan my Bob card and have him move in instead of resetting til he’s there.

  2. Not surprised at the size. It is on Nintendo’s hardware, & if anyone can make a game huge as hell while still with a small amount of GB for data on the Switch, it’s them. This game is coming out years after BotW released which was around 13gb. Of course, if the game had been built from the ground up for Switch, it probably would have been lower than that but it sadly started as a Wii U game.

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