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Nintendo reiterates there is a free one month trial for Pokemon Bank

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company are gearing up for the release of Pokemon HOME which launches on an unspecified date this month. For those of you who’ve been playing the various Pokemon games on the Nintendo 3DS such as Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon etc, you will be able to bring over all your Pokemon from these games with a free one month trial for Pokemon Bank.


      1. @shinygold2

        I honestly don’t even think that’s it. Nintendo is hopelessly addicted to reinventing the wheel. Rest assured, next gen, we’ll have an all new replacement for Nintendo Online, an all new replacement for Virtual Console, and an all new replacement for Pokemon Home. They’ll all do basically exactly the same thing, but they’ll have started from scratch again.

  1. When they had Pokemon Stadium it was Free as long as you had the game. And you could store them and reset Pokemon Red and Blue and bring those collected Pokemon back in the game.

    Those were the good old days when games were simple.

    1. From what I’ve read you can still transfer from Bank to Home even if you don’t have a Bank subscription, you just can’t use the other features of Bank. Which is still pretty bad, but you don’t HAVE TO pay two fees.

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