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The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch delayed due to Coronavirus

The Private Division has tweeted that the excellent The Outer Worlds on the Nintendo Switch will be delayed due to the coranavirus. The virus is impacting work at Virtuos who are in charge of the Nintendo Switch port. That is because their office is currently closed. The company has also decided to release the game on cartridge, rather than just supply a download code as initially reported. A new launch date for The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch will come soon.

13 thoughts on “The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch delayed due to Coronavirus”

    1. They aren’t directly effected, they just can’t go to work because their building is closed. What’s actually a problem is that they are a generally small team and are either A. Not getting paid because they aren’t working or B. The studio is bleeding money as they don’t want their employees to not get their food/bill money. Porting studios general don’t have that much money to begin with, so that actually does matter.

  1. I think everyone is confused. It’s not getting a physical release because of the coronavirus but because it’s a physical release that they can’t risk shipping them out out of fear the coronavirus might spread through the production of the physical carts getting into the hands of others outside of the infected areas. Least that’s my assumption as to why the delay.

    1. On second thought, I’m an idiot. *facepalm* I don’t know how infectious this virus is & if it can survive for long periods of time outside of the human body. The halt in production most likely has more to do with factory workers not being allowed to work at their jobs for fear the virus will spread between co-workers than any fear of the virus being spread through physical objects. Still, I doubt the virus is responsible for a physical release of the game as that’s just silly. You’d think going digital & not doing a physical release would be the course of action during a viral outbreak, not the other way around.

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