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Luigi’s Mansion 3 has won Outstanding Achievement in Animation at DICE Awards


Nintendo’s gorgeous Luigi’s Mansion 3, which launched last year on the Nintendo Switch, has scooped an award at this year’s prestigious Dice Awards. The spooktastic game was awarded the award for outstanding animation, which many would say was well deserved. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is available right now on the Nintendo Switch.


  1. *yawn* cool.
    off topic, but I just wished Everspace on Switch had a discount. Been following that game for more than three months and it’s been sitting on its $40 price tag. Damn :/

  2. It’s easier to make things pretty when you have dark environments.

    It’s true this game has amazing looking cutscenes, almost as good as Hollywood animated movies But I still think games like mario odyssey look a bit better.

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