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Season 3 trailer for Netflix’s Castlevania


Today Netflix has unleashed the first trailer for the third season of the acclaimed Castlevania animated series. The third series will make its debut on 5th March and promises plenty of ultra violent action and some familiar enemies. Series writer Warren Ellis said the following about the third season of Castlevania, it’s “a weird one – with increased episode count and budget, I went a bit mad and kind of tested the boundaries of the thing.”


4 thoughts on “Season 3 trailer for Netflix’s Castlevania”

  1. The action is good and the character’s aren’t that generic. I’m an anime novice so maybe there’s better stuff out there, but I enjoyed last season, this trailer has me pumped.

    It isn’t non stop action, some slower episodes, which I’m fine with, nothing wrong with a little character development and world building.

  2. Loved the first 2 seasons, the animation, story, and acting was all great. My only issues were the length of season 1 and 2, and the time it took for us to wait between them. To use an analogy of a complete unit being a hand, season one is two fingers, while season two is the rest of the hand. Based on the reading, it seems like Season 3 will be a full season or a complete hand :-). I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this season!

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