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The Platinum 4 website has reconfirmed that the next Platinum Games announcement will be on February 26th

Last week, you may recall that news broke of a major Platinum Games announcement that would be coming in the next week. Famitsu had stated that their February 27th issue would include the announcement. Well, now it is coming straight from the source. The Platinum 4 website, Platinum Games’ official site for the 4 big announcements that the company will be sharing, has been updated. Each star represents an announcement, and a teaser date of February 26th has now appeared below a second star, a day before Famitsu’s issue is due to release. It isn’t known at this time if their next game announcement will involve the Nintendo Switch in any way, but if so, we’ll let you know.



  1. That’s the same day as Yacht Club’s presentation. A small part of me is hoping that isn’t a coincidence.

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