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NIS America teases video game announcements for 3rd March and 5th March


NIS America has been contacting press today to inform them that they plan to have some exciting reveals taking place next week. The company will tease something on Tuesday, 3rd March and Thursday, 5th March. Nothing so far has leaked regarding the announcements and no doubt the company will hope things remain that way.



  1. They’ve been on a roll with games being published by them especially them bringing those games to Switch. I know they haven’t been the best when it comes to localization but at least they try plus they put the majority of their games on cartridge and no half the game on it and the rest as an update or one game on cartridge and the other as download.

  2. Ys IX no doubt but I would be absolutely thrilled if they also announced Trails of Cold Steel IV and/or an English localization of the Crossbell games.

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