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E3 2020 is going ahead in June despite coronavirus concerns


The coronavirus is taking its toll on the world and has disrupted several big events including the annual GDC conference which usually takes place in March. E3 2020 is the big gaming event on the calendar and the Electronic Software Association says that they are moving full speed ahead with plans for June. However, they will obviously be monitoring the situation with the coronavirus. Here’s what they told Vice:

“Everyone is watching the situation very closely. We will continue to be vigilant, as our first priority is the health, wellness and safety of all of our exhibitors and attendees. Given what we know at this time, we are moving ahead full speed with E3 2020 planning. Exhibit and registration sales are on track for an exciting show in June.”

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16 thoughts on “E3 2020 is going ahead in June despite coronavirus concerns”

    1. I agree.
      Granted Microsoft and Sony seem to be stepping down this year (for some confusing reasons) but they still got a handful of well-known video game COMPANIES (whether they include Nintendo or otherwise) that can keep them going for a little longer.

  1. If E-3 gets cancelled this year or in the future then I’m ok with this if this gets cancelled due to this dreadful disease. I’m still really worry about Nintendo employees and gamers out there. The Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire.

    1. I’m surprised people are making a big deal about Coronavirus as much as it is because from what I looked up it sounded more like a regular flu.
      But then again I think that’s because of the increase in anti-vaccination that made this more serious than it used to be.

      This is why you should ALWAYS vaccinate your kids, otherwise you’d be causing outbreaks and annoying people to death with the news reports!

      1. Actually, the main problems with the COVID-19 virus is that there is no vaccine yet. Also, it does kill people slightly more then the flu.

      2. And also, COVID-19 doesn’t kill kids. It’s like chicken pox, potentially deadly to adults, mildly irritating to kids.

  2. I’m actually disappointed that they decided not to cancel, it just makes them look like greedy money hungry jerks who don’t really give an eff about the people working for them and specially about all the (ignorant idiot) people going to this event regardless of danger.

    Not all of them people attending are ignitant or idiots, but the majority obviously don’t care enough about running the risk of getting the coronavirus. I love E-3 but the safety of the people should have priority, I mean how the hell are they going to be “vigilant” about it? They can’t just simply “see” the coronavirus… is obvious an excuse to cover up for the fact that they just don’t want to loose money!

  3. This whole Coronavirus situation has really made me feel angry at those who travel when it’s not necessary. After all, it’s most likely their fault for it spreading all around the world. Because people don’t know how to just STAY HOME. I’m getting very nervous about all of this. Especially since I’ve had a cough (with mucous) ever since November. It just won’t go away. My lungs always feel sick and weak (though I do have asthma). I don’t believe I have the coronavirus because I have hardly none of the symptoms other than coughing from my own mucous. I never even have fever.

    But I’ll tell you, I feel like freaking out when I go somewhere and I see someone wearing a face mask/respirator. I can’t wait until they get this thing under control. My mom is the one I’m the most worried about, since she’s in her 70’s. Only good part about her is that she never leaves the house.

  4. Of course it will go on. This will be over by June. Its way overstated anyways. I mean over 30,000 people died from the regular ol flu since January.

  5. With any luck, this virus will be out of the picture by June. I know people are freaking the hell out over this thing, but over by me it’s mostly calm; I’ve seen maybe only one person with a mask. Is this really so serious or is this the media blowing it up again like they did the Zika Virus, H1N1, and the Bird Flu in years past?

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