Miyamoto says he no longer completely reworks projects in mid-development

The latest edition of Famitsu is now with subscribers and this particular edition celebrates the Nintendo Switch’s third anniversary. To celebrate the occasion they have ran an extensive interview with legendary Nintendo developer Shigeru Miyamoto. One aspect that came up is that Mr. Miyamoto says he has broken his habit of upturning the tables and restarting development in the middle of its cycle. Here’s what he said:

“I might say something in the early stages of development like, “What if we didn’t do this?” Or “If you’re going to do that, then what about this?” But I no longer come in mid-development to completely rework things. I don’t “upend the tea table” just as a hobby or something, I only do so if I can see how the whole game will pan out.

By changing the structure of things when a game isn’t turning out right, I “upend the tea table” when I can see how things like the visuals and the merits of the game can change. If I can’t see a clear vision for the game, then that doesn’t mean something should be changed. After all, you can’t see all the key components unless you’re the director.”



      1. Very likely, but how does that even relate to my comment?

        Whatever the case, he has certainly done a lot for video games and has gotten his fair share of flipping coffee tables throughout his life, so I think it’s a good thing for him to take it easy nowadays and not go as harsh on the young game devs anymore.

  1. Yeah, well he doesn’t have a following full of psychotic retarded fanbrats yelling and threatening him over something he does that they don’t like. He gives to the community, but he does it HIS way! Not the shitty fanbrats’ way!

  2. The title is kind of misleading. The Great Miyamoto has spoken. Great read if I must say.


  3. So does this mean we won’t get another situation like Dinosaur Planet turning into Star Fox Adventures mid development ever again?

    1. The game isn’t that terrible but I see why they turned it into a StarFox game because it would sell far less than an actual StarFox game.

      1. I’ve never actually played it but despite what a lot of people say about it I think it looks fun but still I would’ve loved to see the finished project if the devs went with their original vision. Since it would’ve been a new IP it might not have sold well at first but I think it could’ve become a cult classic in a similar vein to games such as Mother 3.

  4. Well he is getting close on being 70 almost because soon he will retire for making games. Making the most popular video game series like Smash Bros can be a bit stressful.

  5. It would be epic if Platinum made a new Pikmin game since Moyamoto likes to make one game every 7 years.

    Switch needs games sooner than that especially since we know the Switch Pro isn’t coming. All Switch has against those more powerful Systems are games. Not games once a generation but 3 sequels a generation.

    What exactly does he do after he finishes a game? Nothing.
    And the

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