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Online multiplayer comes to Mario Kart Tour today

Finally you can now race against others online in the addictive Mario Kart Tour game for iOS and Android. Previously this feature was in beta for Gold Pass members only, but it is now live for everyone. Nintendo is promoting the feature via social media and if the tweet below gets 30K retweets then every player will be eligible to receive 30 rubies and an in game badge. Go retweet and have a watch of the video.


  1. This is off topic, but is there any chance you’ll change the commenting system? Me and many others are struggling to login because WordPress just won’t let us in on mobile.

    1. I’m sure u can login with an alternative account cant you? I dont have it myself. I used a google account.

      1. Whenever I try to sign in, no matter what account, it brings me back to the sign in page as if I didn’t sign in.

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