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Levi’s reveals some designs from Super Mario x Levi’s collaboration



We heard last week from Nintendo and Levi’s that the two are collaborating on fashion designs with the iconic jean’s maker taking inspiration from the Super Mario franchise. Now Levi’s has revealed a couple of designs that they’ve been working on with more to be shown at a later date. That date will be 1st April when they will showcase their Nintendo x Levi’s range. For now check out some new designs below.


5 thoughts on “Levi’s reveals some designs from Super Mario x Levi’s collaboration”

  1. It’s aweful. And the jacket looks like a normal jacket with stickers. With this collection you just choose HOW retarded you wanna look.

  2. That all over print is such an eyesore. Hopefully there’s more items in the collection like the jean jacket, that actually looks nice!

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