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Platinum Games has developed a new video game engine titled PlatinumEngine


Respected video game developer Platinum Games has announced that they have been busy developing their own in house engine which is currently titled, PlatinumEngine. The team says they have three titles in development and those are Babylon’s Fall, Bayonetta 3, and also, Project GG. Presumably the first title to utilise the new engine will be Project GG.

“Our Research and Development Group finds the technical solutions we need to create thrilling next-generation action games. Now, they’re hard at work on the PlatinumEngine* a new in-house engine to drive all of our creations. Below, our engine developers talk about their process, and how their approach differs from most in-house engine development.”


9 thoughts on “Platinum Games has developed a new video game engine titled PlatinumEngine”

  1. They are making bayonetta 3 so its associated with nintendo news to me. I for one like to be in the know of things.

    1. If the engine is new then there’s no way they’re making Bayo 3 on it. I thought this site was about Nintendo news? if you want to generally be in the know then this site is terrible for that.

    2. “Already Platinum” by Slim Thug is a pretty sweet track. Platinum Games should incorporate it into promotional stuff somehow.

    3. I wish Nintendo made games like Platinum made games. It is amazing that they are making a game after bringing back W101. Nintendo would wait 7 years before making a new game

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