Nintendo NY is closing “for the foreseeable future”, effective immediately, due to the COVID-19 coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the closure of another business, and this one is Nintendo-related. Nintendo NY has made a statement on their official Twitter that “we have made the difficult decision to close Nintendo NY for the foreseeable future, effective immediately”. They also said that “we hope our games and entertainment can bring you a bit of joy in this challenging time”. Their tweet, which has their statement in full, is down below.


  1. Not great news!!
    But unfortunately this pandemic is going to destroy so many businesses regardless of their governments help or not!

  2. Well it’s not like Nintendo can deny us of anything more than they already have.

    Our government however………….

  3. With Trump recommending no more than a group of 10 people to gather until August, they could be closed for a long time. Idk how long my sanity will remain intact working grocery though.

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