Sonic the Hedgehog movie is being released early digitally on 31st March


Paramount has announced that it is releasing the Sonic the Hedgehog movie early digitally. You’ll be able to watch the successful video game adaptation from the iTunes Store or Amazon on 31st March from the comfort of your own home. This only applies to the digital version with the physical release still scheduled for release on 19th May.


  1. This movie was terrible—ridiculously disappointing. I strongly advise against wasting your hard earned money on a movie of this caliber.

    Those who disregard my advice..when you get to the scene where the characters, un-ironically, remind the viewers that “The Olive Garden is where they treat you like family”…..come back and admit i was right.


    1. Wow, disregarding the whole movie based on a single instance of product placement. This is a new level of petty.

      The movie is awesome. I’ve seen it twice and it’s a good watch for any long-time Sonic fan.

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    2. More hentai for all you modern moerans! This Movie sucked ass, the only good bits was the ending showing Classic sonic in sprite form.


  2. I think I’ll wait for the physical release. I work in a theater and so have gotten to see it enough times that I’ll be good for awhile.

    For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, if nothing else, you HAVE to watch the scene with Robotnik (Carrey) dancing while his machines work- it is pure gold.

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  3. I am beginning to wonder what cinemas are going to be like when this pandemic is over since a lot of movie productions are going to be delayed. Are they going to show old movies?


    1. I work in one (well, it’s one of those dine-in ones, and yes, we’re closed until further notice). I would predict that once we reopen, we will still have one last set of showings for films we had at the time of closure -in our instance, that includes Jumanji, Invisible Man, Sonic, Onward, The Way Back, Bloodshot, Bad Boys for Life, and The Hunt- then the oldest will be dropped in favor of whatever new ones release at the time, most likely Jumanji since that’s been out since December followed by Bad Boys which is 2nd-longest held currently, replaced with anything new. A Quiet Place: Part II was supposed to be out today but that got pushed back to May- bummer, because I really want to see that one.


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