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Tropico 6 is coming to Nintendo Switch


Koch Media and Kalypso Media have announced today that they will be bringing the popular management simulation Tropico 6 to the Nintendo Switch system. The two German companies will be bringing Tropico 6, Railway Empire and Commandos 2 – HD Remaster to Nintendo’s latest platform. A release date for Tropico 6 on the Nintendo Switch has yet to be confirmed.


5 thoughts on “Tropico 6 is coming to Nintendo Switch”

  1. Tropico 6 huh as in “the 6th sequel?” they need to take over Retro Studios. I been waiting 8 years for a sequel to Tropical Freeze and and Pikmin 4.

  2. Tropico release dates
    Tropico we 2001. Pikmin 2001
    Tropico 2 2003. Pikmin 2 2003
    Tropico 3 2009. Pikmin 3 2013
    Tropico 4 2011
    Tropico 5 2013
    Tropico 6 2017

    Longest Tropico developers took a break period was 5 years. . Nintendo developers took 8 ty o 9 years. SMH

    And let’s not even go with Retro Studios make 1 new game every 12 years.

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