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Levi’s x Super Mario collection will be delayed in North and South America


Levi’s has recently announced that the Levi’s x Super Mario collection will suffer a slight delay in North America and South America due to the ongoing worldwide coronavirus pandemic. The company says it will update fans with a new date once the Levi’s x Super Mario collection is ready to be launched.

7 thoughts on “Levi’s x Super Mario collection will be delayed in North and South America”

    1. All the world in on quarintine. They could have been made here in Latin America were a lot of clothes are also made. My country is going to its fourth week of complete curfew

    1. Goddammit seriously are you planning to write an article everytime there’s new Nintendo themed clothes? That’s an article every 5 minutes!!!

  1. Thanks for this. I actually like the collection. I’m here in the UK and it’s been released.

    A LOT of the items are out of stock. So people saying they don’t look good… well they’re still selling. I love the pattern and want the hoodie of it, but it’s already out of stock. The website says coming soon on the hoodie, so hopefully it will be restocked soon.

    Also they have some basic plane white or black t shirts with Levi on the front and Mario. They are cute. They’re selling out fast too. In fact I wanted the white one and it’s gone….

    Hope to see them back in stock soon!

    Point is, I’m glad you post these articles on here to keep everyone updated on current news :)

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