Nintendo Switch

Crysis Remastered confirmed for Nintendo Switch

Update: Now confirmed

Crysis Remastered has leaked this morning and it is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. It will certainly be interesting to see how Crysis Remastered runs and performs on the Nintendo Switch system. An official announcement is due to be announced soon.

Thanks to Christopher B for the news tip!


    1. I played it shortly after launch. I had a laptop that could play it… not well, but I limped all the way to the finish line where, at least from my recollection over ten years later, you stood on the deck of a carrier firing nuclear missiles at a massive creature the size of like an island. It was insane.

      The game was great.


      1. Uh… shit… spoilers… too bad there’s no way to edit, or I’d have warned first. I’m sorry people.


    2. Um, first of all, no one cares really about your opinion. But, I’ll go ahead and bite.

      1. How is a game that gets 90% average score review from major gaming sites bad? And in case you’re wondering, Metacritic player reviews are roughly 80-ish percent. Sorry, but everyone but you seems to think it’s good. Pro-tip: If your opinion differs to EVERYONE ELSE’S, then you might want to reconsider your opinion…
      2. Even if it was a bad game — why should we care if the game is essentially a tech-demo? Even if it is, then, good that’s a tech demo that was remastered,it shows the Switch can handle a relatively tech-intensive game.


  1. Lazlo, we don’t all know that. Never played, all I have to go on is old reviews. IGN gave it an editors choice, for 2007.

    Why is it a tech demo? I’m not defending the game, just like more specificity when people throw shade at something.


  2. I’m in. I just hope Crytek does the publishing this time.
    Looks like this is the year we’ll finally get to know whether the Switch can run Crysis, the REMASTERED one.
    Now, as for frame rate, I could take either 30 or 60, as long as it’s smooth. By that I mean no frame-skip, no random pop-ins and no input lag.


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