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Upcoming Panzer Dragoon patch brings 60fps, HD rumble, gyro controls and more

The Panzer Dragoon Remake for the Nintendo Switch system didn’t get off to the best start with complaints from users that it simply wasn’t ready to be released in its current state and needed some additional fine-tuning. Fans should be pleased to know that the developers have heard them and are working hard on a patch which will bring the game to Version 1.3. Here’s some of the many features the update will bring:

  • HD Rumble
  • 60FPS is added
  • Input lag reduced/rotation improved
  • Gyro controls
  • Sound effects are reworked
  • Several face button to fire/lock
  • Auto lock system as an option
  • Episode 0 added
  • New game mode (performance?)
  • New gameplay options
  • New cheat codes
  • Options accessible from pause menu
  • Dragon animation reworked
  • Game language based on console language at first launch
  • Secret menu called Pandora Box in Remake now accessible once the game is beaten regardless of difficulty
  • There is no release date for patch V1.3 due to current COVID situation. Patches being validated by Nintendo Japan.



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