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Capcom says they would “consider the Switch again” for Street Fighter games

US Gamer has had the chance to chat with longtime Street Fighter series producer, Yoshinori Ono, about the long-running franchise and its future. The topic of the Nintendo Switch quickly came around and Ono said that he was pleased with the sales of the two Street Fighter titles on the system and would consider the Nintendo Switch again for any other Street Fighter opportunities. Here’s what he said:

Since the Switch came out, we’ve released Ultra Street Fighter II and Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection for that platform. From a business standpoint, these two titles were a success. We are seeing many competitive titles, including Smash Bros., doing well on Switch and players are enjoying those types of experiences on that platform. If there is another opportunity that makes sense for us, we would consider the Switch again. Regarding Street Fighter 5, it is currently exclusive to PS4 and PC. However, as mentioned above, we do see Switch as an important platform for all types of games.


7 thoughts on “Capcom says they would “consider the Switch again” for Street Fighter games”

  1. Before peoplw start complaining about “port begging” and Capcom being stupid. Realize that Capcom supports switch almost as much as Nintendo has and that for fighting games that come out to be played in a competitive circuit, up until now there’s no competitive scene for switch games and it still only exist ATM for smash.

  2. USFII and SF30th Anniversary are good editions to the Switch but if Capcom really wants to make the Switch the destination for SF games again, they can start by announcing SF4 (or USF4) on the Switch down the line when they’re ready.

  3. I wish they would re-sale x-men vs street fighter or marvel super heroes vs street fighter as DLC. I’d pay good money for those titles again.

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