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Dr. Mario World adds Dr. Lakitu, Dr. Goomba Tower, and Assistant Parabomb

Dr. Mario World is receiving a substantial update today which brings with it three new characters. There’s the amusing Dr. Goomba Tower, Dr. Lakitu and Assistant Parabomb. The characters are included as a free update to the free-to-play iOS and Android smartphone game. This new update should be live now, or in a little bit. The update also adds in World 15, where you can now play through stages 561 through 580.

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  1. Okay, now this is getting a little ridiculous. A goomba tower for a doctor? Do all the goombas have individual Phds?

    1. If they’re practicing medicine, I hope they have an M.D. each, so they’re not just a stack of Doctor Phils.

  2. Lakitu is a sellout. I’ve played Dr Mario World. It’s definitely played in the wrong direction and Lakitu should be wagging his finger in disapproval and holding a sign that says REVERSE.

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