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Nintendo Switch version of Catherine: Full Body sees Catherine get three new voices

Atlus has announced today that  Catherine: Full Body for the Nintendo Switch will see Catherine get three new voices for the Ideal Voices DLC. This brings the total voices to fourteen as part of the the Ideal Voice Set DLC which gives players plenty to choose from. Catherine: Full Body edition comes to Nintendo Switch in North America and Europe on 7th July.

Catherine: Full Body adds various new elements to the original Catherine, including Rin, also known as Qatherine, as one of Vincent’s love interests. The enhanced game adds new endings for Catherine and Katherine, and several quality of life improvements which will all be included for the Switch version.


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  1. Persona 5R would be a great game to have on the Nintendo switch platform… Since no shin megami tensei coming anytime soon to the Nintendo switch, a port of persona 5 or 5R should be released for the switch @Atlus japan pls make it happen.

  2. As long as they’re optional. I’ve been playing Persona 5 Royal and I do *not* like the new voice for Takemi (back-alley doctor/Death Arcana confidant), I wish they kept the previous VA.

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