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Rumour: YouTuber claims SEGA is developing Super Monkey Ball 3

A YouTuber by the name of Nick Robinson claims that SEGA is busy developing a new entry in the beloved Super Monkey Ball series and that this won’t be a spin-off but the long-awaited Super Monkey Ball 3. He learnt this information in a recent interview with Brian Matt, who is the announcer for older Super Monkey Ball video games. The YouTuber says that the voice actor is currently under a non disclosure agreement (NDA) and at 7:14 in the video he tries to dance around questions. Whether it is or isn’t happening remains to be seen.



  1. So Banana Blitz, Touch & Roll, Step 7 Roll, none of those were considered Monkey Ball 3? I can see why Adventure wasn’t/would never be- it focused more on being an open-world exploration-based game, and as we all know it didn’t exactly work out (decent soundtrack, at least- I loved the theme for Moonhaven).

    If this is legit and plays like the first two games on GameCube, then I’m hella excited!

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  2. Aiai is better than big the cat. I am disappointed that Amy rose chose omochao and big instead of cream the rabbit and Aiai on team sonic racing.


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