Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch production ‘returned back to normal’ following stock shortages


Not only has the Nintendo Switch been undoubtedly popular since launch, over the last few months particularly, sales have gone through the roof due to people being asked to stay indoors. But trying to buy a new one has come with some challenges – finding stock was not an easy task. With the production of the hybrid console being slowed to due to the pandemic, and Nintendo addressing the issue back in April, there’s some good news: A Nintendo spokesperson has told Japanese media site CareerConnection that production has “returned to normal” meaning that purchasing one should be a bit easier going forward.

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  1. Friendly reminder that the Animal Crossind Switch Edition is in stocks for a few retailers.
    Apparently already sold out in NZ and Australia.
    Europe recently stocked up – I bought one for my girlfriend recently.
    A pretty cute looking Switch.

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      1. I’m from germany and it’s from a german retailer however I do recall Amazon having some and I bet GameStop sells some as well.

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  2. If y’all are looking for animal crossing, I seen 6 copies of the game, brand new at a store called “The Exchange” In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But as for the Nintendo Switches, literally NOBODY has any, its ridiculous. People are acting like they need it to wipe their asses, just like the damn toilet paper incident lmao


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