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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition trailer shows new content, free demo details & more


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition launches on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and smartphone on 27th August and Square Enix has treated us to a new video of the game in action. In the 5 minute trailer, we’re shown some new enemies, additional harder dungeons, new voice acting and details of a ‘lite’ version of the game. The Lite version is free and you’ll get three dungeons to access. If fans who own the Lite edition play with a friend who owns the full game, they’ll be able to enjoy 13 dungeons to play through.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles originally released in 2004 on the Gamecube in Europe and North America, and it made its mark by showing off the GBA/GBA SP connectivity via link cable. As well as Zelda: Four Swords and the Tingle Tuner in Zelda: Wind Waker, it joined the ranks as being a title that stood out for its unique play method; a method that worked very well but wasn’t used as often as some may have hoped.

You can view the trailer down below:

Thanks to Will on Twitter for pointing this out!

6 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition trailer shows new content, free demo details & more”

    1. It’s more focused on dungeon crawling, but the story itself is good at setting up a ton different mysteries and lets its environments do a lot of the story-telling, but you’ll probably be interested in what’s happening with other caravans as you play through the game.

      1. In the original game, there was a story about a runaway princess. The story took place between the dungeons, and if I remember correctly, you had to move your caravan over to certain areas in order to trigger the cutscenes.

  1. Ok sounds interesting. Would you guys says there’s lots of hours spent on grinding as opposed to actual progression? Not a fan of the “stop for a couple of hours to level up before I go to the next area” kind of vibe anymore lol

    1. Well, there are no Level Ups in Crystal Chronicles, only artifacts that can increase your attack, defense, magic, and Heart containers, which can be obtained after fighting or refighting bosses; as well as finding and crafting better armor and weapons that are found by naturally playing the game. So you can battle a lot and stock up on artifacts if you think you’ll need or want them, but, especially early game, that’s hardly something you need to do a lot of. Progression and how much you think you’ll need to succeed can really be up to you, since combat involves some skill, you could be fine with the build you have.

      Long story short: There isn’t any necessary grinding, and when you find it might be helpful to re-fight a boss and “grind”, that grind won’t be anywhere near as long as the industry norm, nor will it be as boring.

  2. There’s not a lot of grinding, although there is some. Grinding definitely makes later stages easier. Especially when you are playing solo.

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