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Pokemon Company reuploads Pokemon Unite trailer due to an inaccuracy in footage


The Pokemon Company has reuploaded the Pokemon Unite trailers to its official YouTube channels because of an inaccuracy in the footage that was originally shown when it was revealed. The flaw in question was a mirrored Switch with the Joy-con buttons being on the wrong side as you can see for yourself in the image above. Some viewers were quick to notice the slip-up. Since the initial reveal of Pokemon Unite, reception to the MOBA hasn’t been too favourable. Some some fans are stating that the Pokemon Company wasn’t happy with the like to dislike ratio on the videos and reuploading the videos was an attempt to erase those thumbs down votes.

Check out the pictures below that show the mirrored Switch and the YouTube description showing the reason for the reupload.



  1. We all know that they reuploaded it because they want to get rid of all the video dislikes.

  2. It’s Nintendo’s most disliked video ever. It’s possible they *did* re-upload this just to fix an error, but how do we know the like to dislike ratio wasn’t a big part of it? It could be a coincidence, but honestly, TPC has been on a streak of doing stuff like this for about a year now, so it wouldn’t be surprising if it wasn’t.

  3. Why cant Nintendo talk or show some CGI of what their fan base really wants to see? The fans are losing confidence. And they will be really pissed if they have to pay $459.99 to play Metroid Prime 4 and Bayonetta 3. They want to play those games on this console the Switch and pay $59.99 for them.

  4. Pokémon unite is a game I won’t buy. Also I dislike Avery on pokemon shield. I wish I had Klara.

  5. If Bastiodon and the remaining starters come to crown tundra I could use all my current Pokémon stored on home on Pokémon shield.

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