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Rumour: New batch of Nintendo Switch SKUs appear on GameStop’s internal system


An image has cropped up online showing multiple new Nintendo Switch SKU’s that have been added on to GameStop‘s internal database. Each one is priced at $59.99 and a release date of 31st of December 2020; you can see them for yourself in the picture below.

This has been fairly commonplace for retailers to gear up their back-office system for new titles, but, as always, this is a rumour and nothing is confirmed. However, this hasn’t stopped fans speculating that a Nintendo Direct could be round the corner. As soon as we have official word from Nintendo regarding any future announcements, whether that be a Direct or Treehouse Live event, we will be sure to let you know.


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10 thoughts on “Rumour: New batch of Nintendo Switch SKUs appear on GameStop’s internal system”

  1. Lol they did also did the same thing for e3, and the beginning of the year when they thought we were going to have direct seems like their trying to create hype off the rumors , why do GameStop people do this though

    1. Right? You can actually see the related articles from this site where they have reported Gamestop doing this in the past and we never actually have any big announcements or see what those titles actually end up being.

      And if you can tolerate me getting on my high horse for a moment, I’ve officially boycotted Gamestop ever since tried to claim they were “essential” business just so they could get their DOOM and Animal Crossing money. I mean… I’ve got a lot of reasons to dislike Gamestop… but that sealed the deal for me.

      1. Lol I been boycotted gamestop since they charge low price to sell an old game, funny how the resell price is more expensive then the value they give for it, all the gamestop employees that work in aera I live are completely rude, and annoying and give off neckbeard vibes, they also always try to force and push things on me like buying certain games or dlc or constantly questioning me on why I don’t like certain games, like you guys are employees why should u care anyways, the only I even step foot in a gamestop is if I go out of town, cause the people are alot more nice, Gamestop is a crummy money eating company, and they don’t care about showing it either.

      2. Yeah, the only reason I was going to them these past couple years was occasionally they’d have trade-in percentage bonuses so you’d actually get decent credit for used games… but then I remember using that credit to order a Pokken fightpad online and it never was delivered. I contacted them, I think, 5 times online and never got a response. A couple months later, I get a giftcard in the mail from them (with no letter) and it’s for about 7 dollars less than what I paid for the fightpad (which I never got).

        So yeah… I can’t imagine ever shopping there again unless they are the only ones still around where you can preorder whatever the next Nintendo system is for MSRP.

      3. “funny how the resell price is more expensive then the value they give for it, ”

        uhh well….. yeah. Its a store. That’s kind of the idea. If they couldn’t sell it for substantially more than they were paying you, they wouldn’t offer to buy from you. Standard retail markup is around 50% from wholesale.

    2. Cronotose the resell thing was a joke, I think everyone knows to never sell their games at gamestop because price they give is a joke, thats the point I was making lol, the real reasons of why I dislike game stop is because they always come off as bullies whenever I enter the store hence why I mention the other stuff below.

  2. I have to pull this out every time this happens, but having been a manager at Gamestop, this doesn’t necessarily mean anything. The company puts SKUs up for anything they reasonably expect to happen…… SOMETIME. They’ll have a preorderable SKU for “God of War PS5” fully a year before there’s anything more than vague rumblings about the game happening. Could there be a bunch of announcements that Gamestop heard about? Maybe, but you can’t know how many of them are real information and how many of them are guesses by the company. If Nintendo comes out and announces Pikmin 4 tomorrow, they want to be ready and have a live SKU to go. They don’t wait on confirmations or release dates before adding it to the system because adding it to the system costs nothing.

    So does it mean something? Maybe. Does this tell us something concrete or usable? Not really.

  3. Sorry that you think our website is ridiculous, but here is the definition for the abbreviation ‘SKU’.

    SKU stands for Stock-keeping unit. A Product SKU is a string representing the Product unique identifier in your Ecommerce shop: for example SKU for books might be the ISBN identifier for this book such as 8120725247 . A given Product might change its name overtime, but the product’s SKU should always be the same.

    I hope this helps.

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