Japan: Real Super Smash Bros. invitations available via My Nintendo store


If you wanted further proof that Japan does, in fact, get all of the cool things, then behold: Nintendo is sending out real-life Super Smash Bros. invites in the post. It’ll cost you 400 platinum points on the My Nintendo store and, well, you do have to live in Japan. But it’s still cool to look at nonetheless and it’s great to see Nintendo doing different things like this.

The invitation set has all you need to send out your own Smash Bros invites. Who would you send yours to? I’d send mine to Sickr as I’m sure I could beat him easily with King DeDeDe!



  1. The only appropriate thing to do with these is to film someone dressed up as Waluigi show one of these off with the tagline “Waluigi ‘wahs’ FINALLY invited!”

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