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Fate/EXTRA Record announced for current generation platforms

A remake of Fate/EXTRA has been announced today for current generation platforms and it is being developed in the stunning, Unreal Engine. The remake is titled Fate/EXTRA Record and a release date has yet to be announced. There will be a Fate/EXTRA Series 10th Anniversary Live Stream taking place on 22nd July at 8pm JST which you can view here. Check out the 3 minute announcement trailer, below.


Fate/EXTRA released on July 22, 2010 as the first RPG in the Fate series. 10 years after its original release, the game is now being remade for current generation platforms. To all those who once witnessed the Moon Holy Grail War unfold, and those who have yet to, please look forward to its arrival.


  • Original Story and Scenario: Kinoko Nasu / Type-Moon
  • Original Character Concept: Takashi Takeuchi / Type-Moon
  • Planning and Direction: Kazuya Niino / Type-Moon Studio BB
  • Character Design: Arco Wada



5 thoughts on “Fate/EXTRA Record announced for current generation platforms”

  1. Good thing Sony is forcing developers to have PS5 compatibility from here on with PS4 games. Or else a lot of these titles would just be on PS4 would I presume.

    1. I played Fate/Extella tht took place after the events of this game.
      But played differently. Was made into a Dynasty Warriors-esque game. It was ok, nothing really to write home about.

      But yea the Fate/ series is chronologically very confusing, even worse than Kingdom Hearts.
      Anime and Game. (anime franchise more so)
      But at least the franchise has great waifus.
      Mine being my boi, the trap, Astolfo. Only man I wuld go homo for. lol

      1. Lol Yea I’ve seen pieces of the anime and it just looks all over the place which is why I have never gotten into the series. Big rpg fan though, so I would be willing to invest some time. But if it’s kh level I’m not sure I have that much time lol

    2. No. The game mostly assume you are familiar with the concepts that stretch through the entire series. Start with Unlimited Blade Works and then Fate Zero on Netflix. That should give you enough of a foundation to build on. Fate Apocrypha and Fate grand order are good as well. Skip the Fate Extra series (its garbage IMO) and Prisma Illiya is just unnecessary loli fanservice. The games (Fate Extella/ Extella link) are great if you like Dynasty Warriors gameplay but take place after the events of this game. I think their number 4 and 5 in the Fate/Extra series of games but can be played independently. I hope that helps.

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