Ask Iwata: Words of Wisdom coming to west in spring 2021

VIZ Media has confirmed this evening that Ask Iwata: Words of Wisdom will getting an official English release and it is scheduled to arrive in the west next spring. The tribute to the late and great Nintendo president Satoru Iwata will be available in both print and digital editions. The book launched in Japan some time ago and now finally English readers can experience it for themselves.


    1. Iwata asked Miyamoto to create games designed to take advantage of the gamepad.
      Saying “under his direction” is a misunderstanding, he created those by iwatas’s Petition :)
      Oh, also federation force and amiibo festival. Both approved by iwata :)
      Not saying iwata is bad, he isn’t.
      Unfortunately he passed away, only a “what if scenario” comes to my mind about his own plans for the switch, for example, the Nintendo switch online.


    1. He ran the company into the ground with bad decision after bad decision, only staying in power by taking pay cuts. After he died Nintendo did far better. Man was a leech.


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