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Pokemon fans spent $17.5m during Pokemon GO Fest 2020

The Pokemon GO Fest which took place during the weekend saw players spent a total of $17.5m during the special two day event. On Saturday, 25th July players of the popular smartphone game spend around $8.9 million and on Sunday, 26th July players spent around $8.6 million. This is according to data analytics firm Sensor Tower. The spending on Saturday is the second highest day since 29th July 2016, when players spent $13.3 million. Games Industry reports that Pokemon GO lifetime revenue is roughly $3.7 billion across the last four years.


5 thoughts on “Pokemon fans spent $17.5m during Pokemon GO Fest 2020”

  1. Isle of armor is better for sword players. They get the cute girl Klara while shield players are stuck with that creepy weirdo Avery. I hate Avery. Avery looks like Nancy Pelosi. Avery should have been an attractive female.

    1. Avery is the worst thing about isle of armor. He looks like Nancy Pelosi. I would have gotten sword instead of shield if I knew about Klara sooner. Crown tundra better fix this.

  2. Go Fest was pretty worthwhile. Shadow legends, victini, a nice stack of shinies, and some sweet pokedex additions were all a real noice time.

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