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Pokemon fans spent $17.5m during Pokemon GO Fest 2020

The Pokemon GO Fest which took place during the weekend saw players spent a total of $17.5m during the special two day event. On Saturday, 25th July players of the popular smartphone game spend around $8.9 million and on Sunday, 26th July players spent around $8.6 million. This is according to data analytics firm Sensor Tower. The spending on Saturday is the second highest day since 29th July 2016, when players spent $13.3 million. Games Industry reports that Pokemon GO lifetime revenue is roughly $3.7 billion across the last four years.



  1. Isle of armor is better for sword players. They get the cute girl Klara while shield players are stuck with that creepy weirdo Avery. I hate Avery. Avery looks like Nancy Pelosi. Avery should have been an attractive female.

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    1. Avery is the worst thing about isle of armor. He looks like Nancy Pelosi. I would have gotten sword instead of shield if I knew about Klara sooner. Crown tundra better fix this.


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