Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid physical Collector’s Edition coming 8th October


Published by Maximum Games, a physical Collector’s Edition for the fighting game Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is getting released on the 8th October for Nintendo Switch and other platforms. Surprisingly, the price is fairly low for the physical edition at $29.99 and it will include all that’s bundled in with the digital Collector’s Edition but will give players a new, additional fighter, Lauren Shiba.

Competitive fighting game, POWER RANGERS: Battle for the Grid will receive a physical Collector’s Edition for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One on October 6. The physical version will include the full Collector’s Edition plus the never-been-released new character, Lauren Shiba. A limited preorder bonus is available now, offering 2 copies of the Green Ranger V2 skin (players will get one for themselves and one for a friend!). To learn more, visit

Here’s the trailer:

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  1. Hmm, didn’t they do a Limited Run for a physical release of the game? Kind of lame if this is their way of making collector’s double dip.

  2. Is this game any good?
    I’ve seen a lot of support from it

    1. Yeah, it’s pretty decent. I have it, and it plays like a Capcom game (Justin Wong helped the developer to balance the game)

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