Amazon: The Art of Shantae book pre-orders go live, 1st December release date listed

If you enjoy the Shantae franchise from WayForward (and you’re a fan of art books) then you may want to head on over to Amazon as pre-orders for The Art of Shantae book have now gone live. Both Amazon UK and Amazon US have their pre-order pages open at the time of writing with pricing sitting at $49.99 and £40.24 respectively.

Interested? Here’s Amazon’s description for more info:

Shantae! She’s the half-genie, belly-dancing, hair-whipping hero of her very own platforming video game franchise from WayForward Technologies!

The Art of Shantae collects the fantastic artwork behind all five games in the Shantae series. Included are key artwork, rough concepts, style explorations, creature and environment designs, and much more! Follow the creative development of Risky Boots, Rottytops, Sky, Bolo, and the titular heroine herself, in this fantastic hardcover celebration of Shantae!

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  1. I dislike Hop on pokemon. He should have been a girl who looked like Shantae wearing May’s clothes from ruby and sapphire. #HopIsWorstRival

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