Nintendo Switch

Nintendo says production of the Switch is almost back to normal

Video game companies have flourished during the coronavirus pandemic and have clearly been struggling to keep up with the feverish demand. Nintendo is one such company, and while they admit that they’ve had difficulty manufacturing units during this strange period, they say that Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite production is almost back to normal. Here’s what the Kyoto-based company said:

“COVID-19 created some difficulties in procuring the parts required for the manufacture of Nintendo Switch consoles, but the situation has almost recovered. However, if the impact of COVID-19 expands in the future, it may affect manufacturing, etc. Regarding Nintendo Switch consoles, because there is a time lag between production and the stocking of store shelves, and because demand remains strong, there are still shortages in some regions. We work hard to be able to deliver these products to consumers as quickly as possible.”



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