Nintendo Pokemon Switch

Free Shiny Amoonguss for Pokemon Sword & Shield available (Expired)

Update: Now expired.

If you are quick you still have time to redeem a Shiny Amoonguss in Pokemon Sword & Shield via the Mystery Gift code shown down below. The Shiny Amoonguss is a level 50 Pokemon and is equipped with the following moves, Spore, Clear Smog, Rage Powder and Protect. You can claim him until 2:59pm today.

To redeem, press the ‘X’ button in Pokémon Sword and Shield to access your menu, select ‘Mystery Gift’, and then choose to receive a gift via code.

Now enter the following code: TRA1NERSCUP



  1. I’m not a fan of Hop even if he has strong Pokémon. I like Bianca (black and white) and Shauna (x and y) better because they are cute girls and eye candy.


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