Nintendo is holding a ‘management briefing session’ next month – meeting unrelated to Nintendo products & services

Nintendo is holding a special ‘management briefing session’ next month and it is set to take place on the 16th of September. Nintendo has told Japanese press that the meeting will be held in Tokyo rather than at the HQ in Kyoto and the briefing session won’t contain any new information about Nintendo’s products or services. The news has come from David Gibson from Astris Advisory in Japan and you can see his tweet below.

There is however speculation that the briefing will contain information about staffing restructures for the business or perhaps internal updates regarding development.

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  1. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be about that theme park that was supposed to open up in the US but can’t due to the retards deciding to allow the pandemic to go out of control for almost the entire year due to US corporate greed and corruption.
    They will most likely cancel Nintendo World’s opening and ultimately sell the property to earn some of the money lost during 2020, this is likely the case though I’m only guessing.

    1. By “retards” I mean the entire republican party and sellout democratic corporate tools who assist them by selling out every time.

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