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SEGA ends SEGA Ages though teases they have more plans for retro Switch games

The incredible SEGA Ages range of classic titles for the Nintendo Switch on the eShop is officially coming to an end. The Switch series started in 2018 and has now encompassed nineteen classic SEGA properties including Sonic and Virtua Racing. Yosuke Okunari, the creative producer for SEGA, says that while the series is ending, he suggests that we may still see classic SEGA re-releases on the Nintendo Switch in the future.

“Although the SEGA Ages project has come to an end with the release of Herzog Zwei, there are many games in the collection you can still buy and play. So please check them out if you don’t own them yet. However, this doesn’t mean that this is the end of SEGA’s plans to re-release past titles. I, along with SEGA’s own (Rieko) Kodama and (Kagasei) Shimomura, are currently hard at work on our next project. At this point in time, unfortunately, I can’t tell you whether or not M2 will be involved. If this makes you think, ‘Oh, then they’re definitely doing something with M2,’ I hope we can live up to your expectations.

Considering SEGA Ages has ended, some may be wondering if we have plans to continue re-releasing past titles on Nintendo Switch – I want that to happen. I hope to bring something over that will really satisfy Switch players. So until then, we hope you’ll look forward to it.”

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5 thoughts on “SEGA ends SEGA Ages though teases they have more plans for retro Switch games”

  1. I was never interested in these because they never really moved beyond the 16 bit era, which have been rereleased many times, and I was hoping there would be some Saturn or Dreamcast games. Hopefully they do this in the future

  2. You disappoint me Sega. To busy pandering to classic sonic. You can’t even digitally port sonic adventure, sonic adventure 2, sonic heroes, sonic advance trilogy, sonic battle, shadow the hedgehog and sonic riders to Nintendo switch.

  3. So in other words, they pussed out of giving us 32X, Sega Saturn, and Dreamcast games, as well as stuff released exclusively on the PS3!!!!!!!

    I wanted to play NiGHTS into Dreams HD, Sonic Jam (World), Sonic Championship HD, and Knuckles Chaotix! Now I can’t, unless I retro-buy the original hardware (or sit in front of a good enough PC)!

    SEGA’s nearly dead to me at this point, but this really sucks!

  4. All of the other projects being demanded here are neither helped nor hurt by the end of the Sega Ages line. The entire project was predicated on emulation by a particular company, whose scope was clearly confined to a set of games made on similar hardware so work put into one title could be useful to the next. They were never going to put out 15 Genesis games and then pop out a Saturn game randomly. That’s an entirely different system in every conceivable way.

    Your chances of sega ports from the mid to late 90’s are no better or worse than they were before this announcement. Those projects would never have had anything to do with each other.

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