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Nintendo discussed how they created Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Villagers

CEDEC 2020, a game developer conference, was held this past weekend. There, Nintendo had multiple Animal Crossing: New Horizons developers talk about the game, explaining how they created the game’s villagers. They said that, to make the villagers more interesting to players, the team wanted to diversify their appearance so that players would “want to interact with them and want to watch what they are doing”.

They start by making a simple silhouette, then use different textures to create the characters. Afterwards, the team gives more visual information to the characters by adding more details to their designs. The personalities are then decided next, with the team using real-life as an inspiration. Finally, they decide on the actions they do during gameplay.



  1. I would hate to hear the repetitive conversations all of the devs have in real life… even outside of the damn office that led to them giving the villagers very little to say in regards to personal dialogues. Animal Crossing for the GameCube had the villagers say a lot more… seems like speech was the last thing they worked on period.

    1. Lol even new leaf has better dialouge than nh, though I have to say the villager creator process is just how I picture they would make these characters, I find it quite weird that new horizons only has 8 new characters, I figure we would get at least 10 new villagers

  2. Lol NH has the most robotic dialogue of any game so far. Looking back after this, New Leaf’s dialogue seems pretty decent. The problem is made worse when you inevitably will have 2 of the same villager personality in the same town, where you’ll regularly talk to 2 villagers and have them say the exact same thing.

    Was hoping to have more dialogue and lots of interactions with items but villagers hardly ever interact with objects at all, often sitting on the ground near chairs.

  3. I’d be okay with them having added old dialogue from past games seeing as how ive skipped all the other sequels after the gamecube original.

  4. I wish there was a way to get villagers to leave your island. I have at least 3 or 4 that I wish would leave. What’s the point of complaining about a villager to Isabelle if it doesn’t eventually result in them moving? The only way I’ve managed to get one to move (one I didn’t want to move, sadly) is when a character was camping on my island. I talked to them (Cookie) over and over and over, trying to win their card game for them to move to my island. I kept losing. But eventually Cookie decided that she was moving to my island, despite me losing the game. And that caused one of my islanders (Frank) to decide to move away. I just wish I could have chose which one I wanted to move.

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