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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin coming summer 2021 to Switch

Capcom and Nintendo have announced that there’s a brand new Monster Hunter Stories game coming to the Nintendo Switch next summer. The game is titled Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin and it sees you become a monster rider who embarks on a lengthy and rewarding journey. It will be available on the Nintendo Switch in the west, summer 2021.


    1. Yea me too. I have it on 3ds and didn’t complete it but it was great. I’m happy to see their continuing it. I’m tempted to go play it now matter of fact lol

  1. I played the first one and i actually liked the change of pace from the main games. Definitely looking forward this one

  2. I enjoyed the 3DS title. It’d be cool if it came with the first title as a download or something. Glad to see this spin-off getting a new entry though. Hopefully they’ll add some more depth to the Battle system

  3. I remember buying the first one only because it had the MH name attached to it. Although it was a completely different style of gameplay, I absolutely loved it. Catching monsters to battle them is right up my alley!

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