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UK: Super Mario 3D All-Stars now third biggest video game launch of 2020

UK journalist Christopher Dring is reporting this morning that the immensely entertaining Super Mario 3D All-Stars has had the third biggest physical video game launch of the year so far in the United Kingdom. It is just behind Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us: Part II and Nintendo’s Animal Crossing; New Horizons. The collection entered the UK charts this week at No.1.

11 thoughts on “UK: Super Mario 3D All-Stars now third biggest video game launch of 2020”

  1. I would’ve liked to play Galaxy in HD at the very least, but there is no way I can support this ridiculous practice. Charging full price for an emulated Mario collection. With one of the games being over 20 years old. And to top it all off, you won’t even be able to get it anymore after the first quarter of next year.

    This collection is a complete embarrassment for the 35th anniversary of their mascot and is nothing but a cash grab. And this is exactly why Nintendo does what they do. Because they know you’ll buy what they put out anyways.

    1. You do what you want to do and everyone else will do what they want to. I’m having a great time replaying these brilliant games and however old they are they are worth the price to me.

    2. “Charging full price for an emulated Mario collection. With one of the games being over 20 years old.”

      I really don’t want to be rude, but there’s just no way to say it that isn’t mildly so. You really don’t understand how value is determined at a basic, fundamental level. How difficult, or how much effort the seller of a product has to put into that product has nothing, zero, zilch, nada to do with that item’s value. You put the same work into mining iron that you do into mining gold.

      Value is determined by the buyers, by whatever criteria they set. Its been proven many times over by now, most especially with the mini consoles, that the overwhelming majority of gamers do not care if a game is emulated. I do. That’s why I have all original hardware and a professional grade CRT monitor, but most people don’t, so it doesn’t effect the value. As for how old the games are? That doesn’t and has never had any impact on game value. Game prices go down over time due to fluctuations in supply and demand, not age. After the game gets released, people finish it over time, which adds new used copies to the market, both consuming the audience for the game and adding to supply at the same time. This continues until it hits a saturation point. 360/PS3 games are about there right now. From then on, the price only rises as supply dwindles and occasionally new groups of people are introduced to the games. None of it has anything to do with age.

      1. Dang crono you really know your economy that’s exactly how it works everyone has a different reason for buying this collection, its obvious that nintendo practice with it is stupid, but it’s still a good deal to people who don’t own the console or have anything to emulate (which you would still need to own those games or it’ll be considered pirating)

      2. “Value is determined by the buyers, by whatever criteria they set.”

        You said it right there with your own words. That’s all it comes down to. I don’t think it’s good value for what it is. And personally, I think Nintendo has lost their minds to even try to sell Super Mario 64 packaged into something costing this much. I don’t even know what you’re going on about with the rest of this here, but I will say this:

        If you think it is a good value and you want to get around to these games, then get it. I don’t have a problem with that. What I do have a problem with is Nintendo potentially doing decisions like this again in the future. If the games become available separately, perhaps I might take a look at Galaxy.

        But, for now, I’m just going to speak with my wallet as words are absolutely meaningless to this company.

    3. Shoot, people do with their money whatever the hell they want!

      You don’t want to buy this game? Then good for you, no need to come to a blog to cry if you have an issue with any product you should complain directly to the company.

      1. If you want the collection, then go for it. No one is stopping you. I’m not here to persuade you. Just came to give my thoughts. Obviously, I’m aware some of you wouldn’t agree as it’s a Nintendo fan site.

  2. I agree with Hollow about it’s worth but I’m getting it anyway because I just want to play Sunshine again. (I’m fucking desperate here, man!) Since I don’t have a past Ninty system anymore, it’ll be nice to play 64 again, too. I’ll buy it physical, though, so I can sell it later when & if we do get true HD remasters of 64 & Sunshine. Til then, I’ll just have to be out 20 bucks.

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