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Dead Cells ‘Barrels o’ Fun’ free update is now live

Dead Cells, which is available on Nintendo Switch and other consoles, has received yet another update and it goes live today. As well as the goods that it’s available to download right now, the Barrels o’ Fun update is completely free. Fans of the game can expect some new items, a new biome and the option to change the OST in the Sound option menu among other things. Check out what’s available below:

New biome: Derelict Distillery. High Peak Castle alternative, currently available from the Collector area leading to the High Peak Castle.
– New item: Tesla Coil! A medium-range, multi-targeting, shock inflicting turret.
– New item: Barrel Launcher!: Throw explosive barrels on enemies. Just make sure they don’t throw it back to you.
– New OST: You can now choose between the original version and the brand new demake/8-bit/chiptune version of the soundtrack in the Sound option menu.
– Added 3 new achievements linked to the Distillery

Here’s a gameplay trailer too:


2 thoughts on “Dead Cells ‘Barrels o’ Fun’ free update is now live”

  1. Welp time to get back on dead cells lol not like i ever left. I have about +400 hours of gameplay on my switch. Probably the highest of all games i own.

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