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New Pokemon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass details coming tomorrow

The Pokemon Company has confirmed this afternoon that they will be providing further details on the upcoming Pokemon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass tomorrow. This means we should hopefully get a release date for the Crown Tundra expansion and possibly more content coming to owners of the Expansion Pass. The details will be shared by The Pokemon Company on Tuesday, 29th September at 6am PT / 2pm BST.

6 thoughts on “New Pokemon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass details coming tomorrow”

    1. Why do you think that? CT and Isle of Armor are 30 dollars total. That’s cheaper than a tertiary game with barely anything improved. You don’t even need to buy the dlc to have your old Pokemon back. A free update will add them, just like what IoA did. According to the datelines, this is even BIGGER than the IoA as well. How is this overpriced garbage?

      1. $90 for a game thats easy to beat, animations dragged from sun and moon, aStory mode players never talk about and battling a giant pokemon no one explains the experience. I’ll wait dor the discount or ill buy it used atcthe lowest price. But ill never buy this for $59.99.

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