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Yuji Naka believes Balan Wonderworld is his one chance to make a platformer with Square Enix

Yuji Naka, the creator behind Nights into Dreams and Sonic the Hedgehog, has revealed to IGN that he feels that his new project Balan Wonderworld is his one big shot to create a platformer with Square Enix. Mr. Naka was told by the president of Square Enix that he had one chance to make a full-scale platformer with a decent budget. Hopefully, he succeeds. Balan Wonderworld comes to Nintendo Switch on 26th March.

For Naka, who joined Square Enix in 2018, Balan Wonderworld will be his first full-scale platform game in quite some time. “I think Square Enix has an RPG image,” Naka said, “but I don’t think I’d be good at making RPGs.” Of course, Naka has made RPGs, such as Phantasy Star and Phantasy Star Online. However, the genre he feels he is most skilled at is still platform games.¬†Therefore, he received permission from the company president to make a full-scale platform game with the condition that it was his “one chance”.



  1. The thing that throws me off with this game is that the player characters have this permanent “I don’t really want to be here” face.

  2. I don’t think it will go to well, so far the little bit of gameplay showed in the game’s trailer has not been very impactful, it looks and feels like a Wii game

    1. And that’s really not fair, especially Mario’s big name already makes the game a priority in sales before factoring in anything else.

      And then there’s the matter that biggest platformer yet isn’t perfect if you consider the ending with Peach. It’s like a Christmas Day parade, only to be pelted with coal at the last second.

  3. The game looks pretty rough from the gameplay they’ve shown. The animations are stiff, there’s way too much clutter on screen, the movement looks janky. I don’t have much faith in this one, to be honest. Hopefully I’m wrong about it.

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