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The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch will get a long-awaited patch later this month

The Outer Worlds is an excellent game but the Nintendo Switch version was blasted by some critics due to its performance on the system. However, it sounds as though refinements will be coming later this month via a software update for the Switch version. It’s not clear what fixes the patch will contain, but hopefully it will iron out some of the issues that users have experienced. The team said via Twitter that they are currently putting the final touches to the update and we will be sure to let you know once the software update has a firm release date.


  1. Finally! Haven’t played the game since launch. Waiting for this. Hopefully it will run at 4K 120fps now.

  2. Haven’t had time to play this at all, and the little I did, I did not run in to any serious issues, game maybe froze once, but other than that, was working fine. I’ll try to get back in to this when the patch releases.

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