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Inti Creates talks Azure Striker Gunvolt 3

Inti Creates, the talented team behind the Azure Striker Gunvolt series for the Nintendo Switch platform, announced in June that they are busy working on Azure Striker Gunvolt 3. In a recent interview, Inti Creates CEO Takuya Aizu stated that they have lofty plans for the third entry in the franchise and that they are working on a “never-before-seen” gameplay style with their new character, Kirin. Mr. Aizu also went on to reassure Nintendo Switch owners that they aren’t going anywhere and will continue to release quality games on Nintendo hardware going forward.

Director Yoshihisa Tsuda and Action Supervisor Keiji Inafune are working together to create a game with fresh and exciting action. They are planning on introducing a “never-before-seen” gameplay style with the new character, Kirin, so please look forward to her reveal. If it turns out that the action is not so “never-before-seen,” well, that just means that the action was already excellent and they will work to make Gunvolt 3 the optimal game for that action. I have faith they will create a game that feels amazing to play.

We are in the middle of getting preparations done for a number of different projects. We are not a gigantic studio, so that means our resources are limited and it may be quite a while before some of these projects are revealed to the public, but I can assure that the gears are always turning here at Inti Creates and our creators are always coming up with new ideas. As far as the Nintendo Switch goes, we’ve been developing games that are built to run on Nintendo hardware since as far back as the Game Boy Advance era. I think Nintendo users make up the biggest group of people that know about Inti Creates and our IPs, so make no mistake that we will continue to release games on Nintendo hardware going forward.

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